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Linting in Front Load Washer when Using the Wash & Dry Option

Excess Lint when Using the Wash & Dry Cycle on your {Text_Brandname}} Front Load Washer

Some new front load washers offer a new "Wash & Dry" option. This option is intended for small loads that can run for an extended period of time, like overnight or while you are at work. Most loads, using this option, will run between 6-7 hours. The washer includes a small built-in heating element, which is smaller than your dryer, so it will take longer to complete the cycle. This option is not meant to replace your dryer.  See the video below:

When using the “Wash & Dry” option, you may notice more lint on your clothing and/or inside of the washer, than a traditional wash-only cycle. Since the washer does both the washing and the drying, lint will accumulate just like a traditional dryer. However, since the washer has no lint screen, you may notice lint on clothing or inside the washer basket. This lint build-up is especially common in and around the door seal. The door seal must be cleaned after every load when the “Wash & Dry” option is used.

CLICK HERE for more information on cleaning the Door Seal

Cleaning lint around door seal

Have you run a "Clean Washer" Cycle?

Run the "Clean Washer" cycle every 30 loads. 

CLICK HERE for more information about using the "Clean Washer" Cycle

Cleans even where you can't see

affresh® cleans deep inside your appliances reaching components such as the tub, racks, pump, valves, drain, and recirculation hoses.

Cleaners are available at many retailers or can be purchased here.

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Have you Cleaned your Drain Pump Filter (on some models)? 

Some models have a Drain Pump Filter. This may also accumulate more lint when using the Wash & Dry Option. This procedure should be performed occasionally.

CLICK HERE for more information on cleaning the Drain Pump Filter

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