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Product Help | Maytag

Long Cycles on a Front Load Washer

Does the Cycle seem Long on your Maytag Front Load Washer?

Does the displayed Estimated Time Remaining differ from real cycle time?

The time displayed during a cycle is an estimate of the time to complete the load. This Estimated Time Remaining is based on: size and type of load, cycle selection, option selection, household water temperature and pressure, and unbalanced load detection.

Are excessive suds present, or did you receive a "SUD" Error code?

Use only HE High Efficiency detergent. Using non-HE detergent or more than the manufacturer's recommended amount of detergent can cause excessive suds. The excess suds can cause the washer to run at a reduced spin speed, which will result in very wet loads. The washer will also add extra rinses to try to reduce the amount of suds in the machine. This can add time to the cycle. 

The Smart Way to Wash

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Are you using a heated cycle or a sanitized wash cycle?

If the wash cycle selected heats the water, such as the Sanitize cycle, or the Steam option, the heater in the washer will be turned on. The heating time depends on the incoming water temperatures, load size, and type. This can extend the time on the display.  Run the hot water in the nearest sink for 30 seconds before starting the machine to ensure that incoming water temperatures are hotter. 

Did your load get out of balance?

If you are washing one bulky item, the load can sometimes become out of balance. Your washer will try to re-balance itself if it does get out of balance. This may take additional time. Try adding a few other items (like towels) to counterbalance your bulky item.



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