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Fabric Softener Not Dispensing

Possible Solution

Was the option selected?

Once the cycle and modifiers have been selected, cycle options can also be chosen, including fabric softener. If the fabric softener cycle option is not selected before the cycle is started, it will not dispense.  Refer to your Owner's Manual for specific instructions for your model. 

Select the Fabric Softener option to add the desired product to the load at the correct time. If the Extra Rinse option is selected, fabric softener will be dispensed into the last rinse. It is normal for a small amount of water to remain in the dispenser at the end of a cycle.

REMINDERS: Do not overfill or dilute the dispenser. Overfilling the dispenser will cause the fabric softener to be dispensed into the washer immediately. Do not put fabric softener crystals into the dispenser. 

Does the dispenser need to be cleaned? 

After a period of using your washer, you may find some residue buildup in the washer’s dispensers. To remove residue from the dispensers, remove the drawer, wipe it with a damp cloth, and towel dry it before or after you run the Clean Washer cycle. Use an all-purpose surface cleaner if needed. Do not use any bleach or product containing bleach in this washer.

IMPORTANT: The dispenser is not dishwasher safe.

Is the Washer level? 

If the washer is not level, water can splash off the top of the basket or the load. If the washer cabinet leans too far forward, the interior basket may also seem to be shifted forward. An unlevel washer could also affect the detergent dispenser. Ensure all four front feet are installed and the washer is level front to back and side to side.

Was excess detergent used? 

Excess detergent residue can be caused by several factors, including using too much detergent and water temperature not hot enough to dissolve detergent. If using a cold water wash, ensure the water temperature is at least 60 degrees to dissolve the detergent properly.  This machine will regulate the cold water temperature by adding hot water to bring the temperature up. Run hot water in the sink closest to the washer to help ensure that hot water runs through the water lines near the washer. Always use only High-Efficiency HE detergent.  Also, the "Clean Washer" cycle with affresh® once monthly can help eliminate excess detergent.

CLICK HERE for more information on cleaning the interior of your washer


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