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How to Properly Wash Cloth Masks

Washing Cloth Masks in Maytag Washer

Keeping your cloth masks clean and looking good can easily be accomplished in your Maytag washer. Below are some tips on properly washing your masks and potentially avoiding damaging your washer.

Use a Mesh Garment Bag

A mesh garment bag protects masks, bras, panties, hosiery, and all small items from snags, tangles, and tears while machine washing and drying. A durable, fine mesh bag lets soap and water flow easily for optimal cleansing. Using a garment bag also prevents items from entering the drain pump or getting stuck under the wash plate. 

If you would like to purchase a mesh garment bag, CLICK HERE

Cycle and Temperature

Masks made of fabric, such as cotton, can be washed with your regular laundry using hot or warm water, whichever is appropriate for the fabric type. The cycle selection should be based on the mask manufacturer's recommendation or fabric type.  

Drying Masks

The CDC recommends drying them on warm or high heat in the dryer. 

For additional information on how to wash and store your cloth mask, please visit this CDC article

The Smart Way to Wash

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