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Precision Dispense Ultra in a Front Load washer

Using Precision Dispense Ultra in your Maytag Front Load Washer

To use the Precision Detergent option:

  1. Fill the Precision HE Detergent dispenser cartridge to the max line with liquid HE detergent.
  2. Place the full dispenser cartridge in the dispensing drawer in the upper left-hand corner of the washer.
  3. Press the PRECISION DISPENSE button.
  4. Select the HE detergent concentration as it appears on the HE detergent container and adjusts the Water Hardness if you have a different level of water hardness.

Detergent concentration.jpg


You can check to see the amount of HE detergent left in the cartridge by either visually looking at the cartridge, or you can press the PRECISION DISPENSE button and view the status on display. When the dispenser is low or ready to fill, a status message will automatically be provided on the screen to remind you that the cartridge needs to be filled.

Other HE Detergent:

If you would like to use a different detergent than what is loaded in the HE detergent cartridge or would like to use powder HE detergent, remove the cartridge from the drawer and place the appropriate amount of detergent directly in the detergent compartment.

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