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Using the Load & Go Detergent Dispenser

Using the Load & Go™ Detergent Dispenser on your Maytag Top Load Washer

Load & Go™ Dispenser:

Load & Go™ is a system that allows you to load a large amount of HE liquid detergent into your washer and have it dispense the correct amount cycle after cycle.


  • Use only High-Efficiency (HE) liquid detergents. Using regular detergent (non-HE)will likely result in longer cycle times and reduced rinsing performance.
  • Ensure the concentration level is adjusted to the correct setting. 
  • Refill when the drawer is visibly low. The Load & Go™ dispenser holds enough detergent to last approximately 14 loads.

CLICK HERE for more information about using HE detergent


  • Place single-dose laundry packets or powder detergent into the dispenser. Add single-dose laundry packets or powder detergent directly to the washer basket.
  • Use single-dose detergent and the Load & Go™ detergent dispenser simultaneously; this will result in oversudsing. 

Changing detergent concentration level

To change the detergent concentration level, press and hold the Load & Go™ button until the concentration level changes. Release Load & Go™ when the concentration level changes and repeat until you reach the desired level. Options for detergent concentration levels are 2x through 8x. 2x is the default setting and the standard level for most detergents.

Detergent concentration.jpg

Disable the Load & Go™ system

To disable the Load & Go™ system and use only a single dose of HE detergent, press the Load & Go™ button until the light turns off. Pour the measured amount of liquid HE detergent into the single-dose detergent dispenser. The detergent will be dispensed at the optimum time during the wash cycle.

If using powdered detergent or single-dose detergent packets, place that detergent in the wash basket before starting the load. 

Flipping the detergent world on its cap.

Just flip it, squeeze it, and start your laundry cycle. With this easy squeeze, you get the right amount and the clean you want every time. 

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