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Maytag Appliances

Compactor Continually Runs

Possible Solutions

Is the latch locked?

Push on the drawer front to attempt to engage the drawer monitor switch, which will allow the door to open. If successful, open the drawer and ensure the latch is in the locked position by pressing down on the latch (pictured below). Close the drawer and run another cycle to verify the problem was the latch.

Compactor drawer latch.jpg

Is there debris in the drawer area?

This may cause the door to disengage from the drawer monitor switch, causing the compactor to keep running. Remove the drawer per “Cleaning Inside the Cabinet” instructions in the Use & Care Guide. Look for debris which could hinder the drawer from closing properly. Remove any debris and clean the drawer area per the instruction in the Use & Care Guide. Replace the drawer.

If the drawer is latched correctly, there is no debris in the drawer area and the compactor continues to run:

If your compactor has a visible off switch, turn the unit off and contact us for service. 

If your compactor has a Foot-Actuated Start Button: Press the Foot-Actuated Start Button. If pressing the Foot-Actuated Start Button fails, pull the drawer out per “Cleaning Inside the Cabinet” instructions in the Use & Care Guide. This will engage the safety switch, cutting power to the unit. Set drawer aside. You can also cut power to the unit with your breaker box. Contact us for service.

Compactor foot switch.jpg


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