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What were you washing?

When washing large or heavy items, there are several things to consider for best wash performance:

Always check the care label to make sure that the item is machine washable in a top load washer (some bulky items state to only wash in a front load commercial-style washer). 

For items that absorb a lot of water, such as quilts or cotton blankets, distribute the items around the wash basket in a doughnut shape around the impeller.  It is not recommended to wash a single absorbent item. Similar items should be washed together, trying to balance the items around the impeller to prevent an off balance load.  Example:  Do not wash one rug. Wash two or three in attempt to balance the load for spin.  Make sure that the top of the impeller is visible. Use towels as counterweight if needed to ensure the load does not go off balance. 

Never overload the washer. Clothes should be loosely added and only as high as the top row of holes in the wash basket. 

Wash like items together; separate dissimilar items.

If a drain pan is used under the washer, the leveling legs may need to be adjusted out to raise the height of the washer.

Do not add more water - it is important that there is engagement of the impeller and the clothes. If there is too much water, the items will float and the cleaning action will be less due to the design of cycles.

CLICK HERE for more information on washing large or bulky items

Did you experience long cycle times?

Your washer has sensors that will detect if the washer is out of balance. It will go through a "correction" process to try to help the washer go back into balance. This process goes through a series of adding extra water, and agitation, in order to try to correct the out of balance situation. 

If you notice that your washer cycle time has increased, it's possible that it's out of balance, and going through this correction procedure. Allow the machine to continue.


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