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Maytag Appliances

F# or F Only


Possible Solutions

Did you receive an F## (i.e. F10) on your display?

If you have an F## code (F-type error code) on the display, this indicates a system error code. Press START/PAUSE once to clear the code. Then press START/PAUSE again to restart washer.

If code appears again, call for service.

Did you receive an "F" Only Error code on your display (there are no numbers following the F code)?

An F code (F Only - no numbers following) on the display is rare.  When it occurs, it usually is the result of a power problem such as a surge, spike, brownout, etc.  Something with the power has caused confusion in the control board so it cannot transmit messages to the components of the washer.

 Possible Corrections:

1.  Verify if there are numbers or other letters following the "F" reading on the display.  If there are any numbers following the "F", use the above information for that code.

2.  DO NOT skip this step. Try turning the breaker off or unplugging the unit for 2 minutes.  Once the breaker is reset or the unit is plugged back in, the electronics in the unit should reset. 

3.  If the "F" only code returns, call for service. 


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