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Maytag Appliances

Not cleaning clothing


Possible Solutions

Is the load unbalanced or overloaded?

The wash load must be balanced and not tightly packed.  Load garments in loose heaps evenly around the basket wall. 

CLICK HERE for more information on overloading and unbalanced loads.

Are the load items discolored?

Dye transfer can occur when mixing colors in a load.

CLICK HERE for more information on about dye transfer.

Are you using HE High Efficiency detergent?

Use of non-HE detergent can cause a film residue. Use only HE detergent.

CLICK HERE for more information about the importance of using HE detergent.

Did you use liquid chlorine bleach or Oxi?

Always use the automatic dispenser when using bleach or Oxi. The dispenser will flush about 10 seconds to mix with water at the right time in the cycle.

NOTE:  Do NOT use both bleach and Oxi in the same cycle. 

Have you run a Clean Washer cycle?

If you feel that the clothes are not coming clean or that the washer level is lower than when you first started using this washer, try running a Clean Washer cycle. This cycle re-calibrates the control, and resets it back to the factory-set water levels. This cycle should be run approximately 1 time per month (using the Affresh® Washer cleaner), and this will re-calibrate the control every time the Clean Washer cycle is used. This will also insure that your washer is free from build-up that can occur over time from detergent and fabric softener. The basket should always be empty when running a Clean Washer cycle.


affresh® cleaners are available at many retailers. Find one here.



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