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Using the Single Load Dispenser Drawer

Single Load Dispenser Drawer

The single load dispenser drawer gives you the convenience of adding HE detergent, liquid chlorine bleach, and liquid fabric softener to the wash load at the proper time.

Janus Washer drawer dispenser.jpg

Omnia C.JPG  High Efficiency (HE) detergent compartment

This compartment holds liquid or powdered HE detergent for your main wash cycle, and automatically dispenses detergent in the cycle.

Omnia D.JPG Liquid fabric softener compartment

This compartment holds liquid fabric softener. It automatically dispenses liquid fabric softener at the optimum time in the cycle.

Omnia E.jpg    Liquid chlorine bleach compartment

This compartment automatically dilutes and dispenses liquid chlorine bleach at the optimum time during the first rinse after the wash cycle. It cannot dilute powdered bleach.

Pour a measured amount of HE detergent into detergent compartment. For powdered detergent, lift the selector to the high position. For liquid detergent, push down the selector to the low position. Do not overfill; adding too much detergent may cause detergent to be dispensed into the washer too early.

NOTE: Do not add single-dose laundry packets, Oxi-type boosters, color-safe bleach, or scented crystals to dispensers. They will not dispense correctly.

See the “Using the Dispensers” section of your Use & Care Guide for information on using the dispenser drawer.

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