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Cleaning the Dispenser Drawer

Possible Solutions

Have you cleaned the dispenser drawer?

The dispenser drawer should be removed and cleaned regularly per directions in your use and care guide. 

The dispenser drawer is removable for easy cleaning. 

Unlock the dispenser drawer by pressing the Dispenser Release Lever. Remove the drawer. Remove the inserts from the drawer. The inserts are the detergent selector and covers of the softener and bleach dispenser. Wash the dispenser drawer parts under running water.

To clean the dispenser housing area, use mild soap and water and a soft cloth or sponge. If needed, use a small soft brush to clean inside the dispenser. Replace the inserts and return the dispenser drawer to the housing.

Do not clean the dispenser drawer parts in a dishwasher.

Leave dispenser drawer open after use

After use, leave the drawer cracked open slightly. This will allow the drawer to dry completely. 


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