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7. Cycle Options

7.  Cycle Options

You may add or remove options for each cycle. Not all options can be used with all cycles, and some are preset to work with certain cycles. Options vary by model.

Janus Washer control above door bottom half.jpg

  • Steam Clean (on some models) - The Steam Clean option adds additional soak and wash time to many cycles to help remove tough stains, as well as a steam boost for added cleaning power. An integrated heater helps to maintain optimal wash temperatures. See “Cycle Guide” in your Use & Care Guide for cycles that allow the Steam Clean option. You can also touch and hold Steam Clean for 3 seconds to turn cycle signals on or off.
  • Extra Rinse - Activate this option to add an extra rinse to most cycles.
    • You can also touch and hold Extra Rinse for 3 seconds to disable/enable the Control Lock.
  • Wash & Dry (on some models) - Touch to add a drying cycle to your load after the wash cycle has finished. The Wash & Dry option is designed to wash and dry small loads overnight. Cycle time will vary based on load composition. For optimal dry performance and cycle time, load the drum no more than one-quarter full. The cycle will automatically terminate after a maximum 12-hour cycle time.
    • You can also touch and hold Wash & Dry for 3 seconds to activate/deactivate the FanFresh® option. Use the FanFresh® option if you will be unable to remove the load promptly. The washer will automatically activate the fan after the cycle ends and tumble the load periodically for up to 12 hours.
      • Do not use dryer sheets.
      • Do not dry comforters or large blankets.
  • Load & Go™ (on some models) - Touch to select this option If you want to automatically add HE detergent to the wash load at the proper time.
    • IMPORTANT: When using the dispenser cartridge with concentrated liquid detergent, be sure to change the detergent concentration settings in the control if the detergent used is different than factory preset of 2x concentration. Change the detergent concentration setting by touching and holding Temp and Soil for 3 seconds.
    • You can also touch and hold Load & Go™ for 3 seconds to set a presoak.
  • PreSoak (on some models) -  Touch to add a presoak time of your choice to a wash cycle.     Janus Washer Presoak symbol.jpg
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