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Maytag Appliances

Thumping sound


Possible Solutions

Is the dryer being used for the first time?

Dryer roller sound noticed in the initial cycles after install will decrease over a period of regular use. Over time the rubber rollers will conform to the dryer drum reducing roller sound.

CLICK HERE for more information on first time dryer use noise. 

Is the load knotted, balled up or are you drying tennis shoes?

Laundry items with large amounts of fabric, such as sheets, curtains, tablecloths and bedspreads, can roll into a ball in the dryer. This ball of fabric may thump and may cause the dryer to vibrate, making a thumping sound. Tumbling tennis shoes in the dryer can make the dryer shake or vibrate. Use a dry rack when drying tennis shoes.

Has the dryer had a period of non-use?

If the dryer hasn't been used for a while, there may be a light thumping sound during the first few minutes of operation. When the dryer is not used, the drum support rollers can flatten where the rollers and drum touch. The flat spot causes the thumping sound. Once the dryer runs for a period of time, the rollers will regain their shape and the sound should stop. 

Are the dryer legs installed and level?

A dryer without legs, or that is missing legs, may rock or teeter on a floor that is not level, which will cause some noise. The legs adjust up and down to level the dryer on a floor that is not level. Check if any of the four dryer legs are missing. Replace any missing legs, and level the dryer both front-to-back and side-to-side, ensure all four legs are in contact with the floor. 


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