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6. Cycle Status Indicators

6.  Cycle Status Indicators

The Cycle Status Indicators show the progress of a cycle. Not all indicators are available on all models.

Janus Dryer Cycle Status LED.jpg   Appearance may vary

The Cycle Status Indicators show the progress of a cycle. Not all indicators are available on all models.

  • Sensing - The Sensing indicator will light during Sensor Cycles to indicate that the moisture sensor on the dryer is operating. This indicator will not light during Timed Cycles or options such as Wrinkle Prevent.
  • Wet - The load is still wet and/or the cycle just started.
  • Damp - The load still has moisture remaining, a good point in the cycle to remove a garment to air dry or iron.
  • Cool Down - The dryer has finished drying with heat and is now tumbling the load without heat to cool it down and reduce wrinkling.
  • Check Vent - The Check Vent indicator is a feature available for Sensor cycles only. This indicator will show the status of airflow through the dryer and the dryer vent system for the dryer’s life. During the sensing phase at the beginning of the cycle, the Check Vent light will come on if a blocked vent or low airflow issue is detected. This light will stay on for the entire cycle. Should the Check Vent light illuminate, refer to the “Troubleshooting” section for potential solutions to the issue. The light will be cleared upon completion of the cycle, touching Power, or opening the door. The Check Vent light will continue to illuminate during the cycle unless the root cause is resolved.
    • NOTE: The dryer will continue to operate even while the indicator is lit, but poor airflow can impact dry times and overall performance. For more information on maintaining good airflow, see “Check Your Vent System for Good Airflow.”
    • If there are other error issues during a cycle, the Check Vent indicator will not light up. See the “Troubleshooting” section in your Use & Care Guide.
  • End - This will indicate that the selected cycle has ended and the load may be removed from the dryer. If Wrinkle Prevent has been selected, the dryer may continue to tumble the load, even if “End” is displayed.
  • Control Lock -    Janus Dryer Control Lock Key.jpg     This will illuminate once the controls are locked.  
    • NOTE: The Control Lock function may be enabled when recovering from a power failure. To unlock the control, touch and hold CONTROL LOCK for at least 3 seconds.
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