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Under Shelf Light not Working - Refrigerator

Possible Solutions

Is the shelf making contact with all the shelf supports?

In order for the under shelf lights to work properly it needs to make contact with all four of the shelf supports, especially the back supports.  Double check to make sure the shelf is correctly installed. 

Is the shelf properly installed?

Check the following:
  • Shelf hooks are fully engaged in the shelf support: Check that the rear shelf hooks are completely seated into the slots in the shelf supports.
  • Shelf supports, fastened to the back wall of the refrigerator cabinet, are loose: Check all shelf support screws to ensure they are fully tightened, tighten if needed.

Are there more than 2 lighted shelves installed inside the refrigerator?

No more than two shelves with under-shelf lighting may be used in the refrigerator at one time. Using more than the approved or recommended amount could cause the shelves not to function properly.

Have the doors been open for longer than 10 minutes?

Try closing the doors and drawers to reset the Refrigerator.  Open the Refrigerator to resume lighted tasks. 

Are the shelf mounts dirty or have food debris on them?

Using a soft cloth and warm water, ensure the shelf mounts are clean and dry.  Spills or food build up could prevent the shelf from making proper contact. 


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