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Making too Much Ice - Ice Maker in Refrigerator - Refrigerator

Possible Solutions

Can you turn the ice maker off?

NOTE: You may have a different type of ice maker in your refrigerator. If so, please see your Owner's Manual for specific instructions for your model.

The ice maker is located on the left-hand side of the refrigerator compartment ceiling. Ice cubes are ejected into the ice storage bin, located on the left-hand refrigerator door. Your ice maker has an automatic shutoff. The sensor will automatically stop ice production if the storage bin is full, if the door is open or the storage bin is removed. The control will remain in the ON (left) position.

How to turn the Ice Maker On/Off

  1. Push up on the latch on the left-hand side of the ice compartment to open the door.
  2. Turn off the ice maker by moving the switch to the (right) OFF position.


Are you storing anything other than ice in the bin? 

Storing anything other than the ice produced by the ice maker can cause damage to the internal mechanisms in the ice maker module. This damage could cause the ice maker to over produce ice. 

NOTE: This also includes adding or storing bagged ice in the ice bin. 


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