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How to use the Solid (Locked) Cycle - fully integrated style

NOTE: The fully integrated console feature hides the controls to create a clean look in your kitchen.

The Solid Cycle extends the use of the bag by putting constant pressure on the trash to keep it from springing back. Regular use of the Solid Cycle can increase bag capacity up to 25 percent.

During the Solid Cycle, the ram will stay in the down position for extra compacting. The drawer is locked and cannot be opened when the ram is down.

For best results, use the Solid Cycle for at least 30 minutes at a time.

To use the Solid (Locked) Cycle: 

  1. Open container. Load trash.
  2. Set the compactor Solid Cycle switch to On.
  3. Close container.
  4. Lift the foot pedal Up to start the cycle.

Container remains Locked until you reset by lifting up the foot pedal.

If your controls are not fully integrated, you may have fully visible controls. See Using the Solid (Locked) Cycle with fully visible controls for more information.