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Operating a Batch-Feed Waste Disposer

Operating Your Maytag Batch-Feed Disposer:

Generally, batch-feed disposer is activated by the stopper. All batch-feed stoppers have two purposes:

  • Sealing the disposer opening so the sink can be filled with water
  • Turning the disposer on and off

Sealing the Disposer:

To seal the disposer opening so you can fill the sink with water:

  1. Invert the stopper to the drain stopper position
  2. Place the stopper in the sink opening
  3. Press down while turning the stopper counterclockwise to secure

If your disposer is powered through a wall switch, you have a continuous-feed disposer. Please see Operating your continuous-feed waste disposer, for proper operating instructions.

Batch-feed disposer operating instructions:

  1. Remove the stopper and scrape food waste into the disposer grind chamber. Do not pack the grinding chamber with food waste.
  2. Turn on a moderate-to-strong flow of cold water. It is absolutely necessary that cold water flows into the disposer while in operation.

NOTE: Cold water hardens greasy substances, making it easy to grind them into tiny particles. It also keeps grease from sticking to the drain lines. If you have a double sink, make sure the faucet is positioned to the side where the disposer is installed during disposer operation.

  1. Place the stopper in the disposer position, back into the sink opening. Turn the stopper to the left or right until the disposer starts.
  2. Allow both the disposer and cold water to run after the grinding is completed to help flush the drain pipes.
  3. Turn the handle to the right or left to stop the disposer, and turn off the water.

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