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How to determine Detergent Concentration for Bulk Dispensers on Front Load Washers

Front Load washers have the ability to use a Bulk Dispensing system which has the ability to use an automatic dispenser for liquid HE detergent. This allows the consumer to fill the dispenser and it will automatically dispense the correct amount of detergent based on the load selected, and the water hardness selected.

It is extremely important to understand about Detergent concentration, as you need to input this setting on the machine.




Today’s liquid HE detergents are concentrated. Most brands of concentrated HE detergent will show the level of concentration on the bottle. If so, simply set the concentration level in the Precision or Optimal Dispense menu to match the level shown on the bottle.

However, if the detergent bottle does not give the concentration, it can be easily calculated. Just divide the package size in fluid ounces by the number of loads. Then refer to the chart below to find the concentration.

If you do not get your desired cleaning results, try using a lower concentration number. If you have excess suds, try using a higher concentration number.



Number of Ounces ÷ Number of Loads

1X >2.5
2X 1.5 - 2.49
3X 0.9 - 1.49
4X 0.7 - 0.89
5X .05 - 0.69
6X 0.3 - 0.49



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