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How do I use single dose laundry packets in my washer?



  • Proctor & Gamble Tide® Pods™
  • ARM & HAMMER® Toss 'N Done™ Power Paks
  • all® mighty pacs™
  • Purex® UltraPacks™
  • Cot'n Wash dropps® laundry detergent and dropps® fabric softener pacs



Single Dose Laundry Packets are:

  • A low sudsing HE detergent
  • Deliver great cleaning
  • Can prevent detergent overdose / oversudsing
  • Are an easy, quick-to-use detergent



  • Follow all Manufacturer's instructions listed on the packaging
  • Place packets in the drum or basket of ALL washers, BEFORE adding clothes
  • DO NOT place in corner dispensers or drawer dispensers
  • Use only 1 packet for most loads
  • Do not cut, tear, or open packets; they are designed to dissolve in water
  • Handle packets with dry hands (any moisture will cause the packets to start dissolving)
  • Seal bag or box completely after use
  • Keep out of reach of children



  • Packets may not dissolve if placed in the washer dispenser
  • If packets are placed in dispensers of either HE top-load or HE front-load, the dispensers may clog and cause an overflow
  • Packet coating may not dissolve in a gentle or a hand-wash cycle; Stronger agitation is needed
  • Packets can get caught in the bellows in HE front-load if not put in the back of the drum, and may not dissolve properly
  • If packet does not dissolve completely and clothes are dried in a dryer, residue not rinsed out of fabrics may cause permanent staining.

Packet6.JPG        Packet7.JPG            Packet8.JPG            Packet9.JPG

(Pictures of undissolved Packets in clothes, and then in the bellows of a front load washer)


As with all cleaning products, keep laundry packets out of reach of children.

Please contact the detergent packet manufacturer for more information

If you would like to download or view product literature for your appliance, please visit our Manuals and Literature page.