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Not Spinning - Washer

Possible Solutions

Was Low Spin or No Spin selected?

Cycles with lower spin speeds remove less water than cycles with high spin speeds. Use the recommended cycle/speed spin for your garment.

To remove extra water from the load, select Drain & Spin. The load may need to be rearranged to allow even distribution in the basket. If Low Spin or No Spin was selected, the washer might not remove enough water from the load.

Were you washing bedding, sheets, or bulky items?

This washer is designed to use the Bulky or Sheets/Bedding cycle for bulky clothing items or bedding. When washing these types of clothing items (including heavy coats or blankets), do not use the Normal cycle or a Rapid Wash cycle (on some models). Clothing performance may not be ideal if using these cycles. 

Did you use the "Add a Garment" feature?

Only add clothing items while the "Add a Garment" indicator light is on. Pausing the machine later in the cycle could limit the washer's ability to run at maximum spin speeds. When Add Garment is lit, you may pause the cycle, open the lid, and add items. Touch and hold the START/PAUSE button to start the cycle again.

Is water standing in the tub?

Check the drain hose for proper installation.  Use the U-shaped drain hose form on the drain hose and securely attach it to the drainpipe (standpipe) or tub.  Check that only 4.5" (113 mm) of the drain hose is in the drainpipe (standpipe).  Do not tape over the drain opening. 

The drainpipe (standpipe) height requirements are 96" (244 cm) maximum and 39" (99 cm) minimum.  Your washer will not be able to adequately pump the water out of the appliance if the drainpipe (standpipe) exceeds 96" (244 cm).  In this case, the water may flow back into the washer. 

U-shaped drain hose form and drain hose installation

Make sure the drain hose is not kinked or clogged.  Straighten the hose for adequate water flow.  Remove any blockage from the drain pipe of the utility sink.   

CLICK HERE for more information on drain hose installation.

Is the load unbalanced or overloaded?

The wash load must be balanced and not tightly packed. A large unbalanced load could result in a reduced spin speed and wet clothes at the end of the cycle.

CLICK HERE for more information on loading your washer

Is your washer level?

The washer must be level. If not, the load may become unbalanced, causing the machine not to spin correctly. This can also cause excessive noise and/or vibration, especially during the Spin cycle. 

CLICK HERE for more information on leveling your washer

Was there a power failure?

If the power failed during the spin cycle, the washer might not ramp up to full spin speed.  


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