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VIDEO: Humming or Whirling Noise during Drain

Humming/Whirling Noises on your Maytag Washer:

Noises that newer top load washers make can be completely different than older washers. The humming/whirring noise is very common and part of normal operation:

The Humming/Whirling noises you would hear during the agitation/wash or spin portions of the cycle are caused by the motor. You may hear an intermittent humming/whirling noise during the agitation/wash portion of the cycle as the motor turns the washer basket clockwise and counterclockwise.

You may also hear a humming/whirling noise during the spin portion of the cycle as the motor winds up to turn the washer basket at a higher speed.

The pump will run continuously throughout the drain cycle. You may hear a humming sound from the pump, this may be more noticeable once the majority of the water has been drained. These sounds are part of the normal washer operation.

Review the video below for normal drain noises: