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Washer is Leaving Clothes Discolored or with Dye Transfer

Maytag Washer is Leaving Clothes Discolored or with Dye Transfer

Are the load items discolored?

Dye transfer can occur when mixing colors in a load. Use the following tips to help prevent dye transfer:

  • Sort loads before laundering.
  • Separate dark load items from lights and whites.
  • Mixing different colors may result in dye transferring to the lighter color items, giving them a dingy appearance.
  • Always use HE Detergent and follow the detergent manufacturer's recommended amount.

High efficiency (HE) detergent symbol

  • Using cooler washer temperatures may help in reducing dye transfer.
  • Discolored items may not be due to dye transfer; for example, a white load may be dingy and need a higher temperature cycle to remove the oily soils.

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