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Spotting or Discoloration on my Clothing

How do I prevent Spotting or Discoloration on my Clothing in my  Maytag Washer?

Was fabric softener used?

If fabric softener stains your clothing, it often resembles grease or oil stains. Follow these tips to avoid this type of staining:

  • Measure fabric softener to avoid staining or graying that occurs with excess use.
  • Dilute fabric softener and add to the rinse portion of a cycle only. Adding fabric softener to the wash water will cause staining.
  • Do not drip fabric softener on clothes.
  • When washing smaller loads, use the correct amount of fabric softener appropriate for the load size. Using too much fabric softener on smaller loads will cause discoloration on clothing.

Follow the instructions on the bottle for fabric softener. Like detergent, some fabric softeners are concentrated, which typically means they are thicker. Some may require diluting with water.

For models with liquid fabric softener dispenser (drawer or in corners of machine):

Fill dispenser no higher than the fill line - if more is added, fabric softener will dispense early in the machine and could cause stains. 

For models with liquid fabric softener dispenser (on the agitator):

Use only liquid fabric softener in this dispenser. Pour measured liquid fabric softener into the dispenser before starting the washer. Softener is automatically added during the rinse portion of the cycle. Dilute liquid fabric softener by filling the dispenser with warm water until liquid reaches the underside of the rim. See the max-fill-line arrows on the dispenser.

Fabric softener dispenser in agitator

For models without liquid fabric softener dispenser:

In the final rinse only, add fabric softener that has been diluted with ½ to 1 cup (125 to 250 mL) of warm water. You can also use an automatic liquid dispensing ball, purchased in stores or online at many different locations. 


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