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Using the Electronic Control on a Top Load Washer

Electronic Touch Pad Information (on some models)

Control panel with sensitive touch pad

Control panel with sensitive touch pad

NOTE: The control panel features a sensitive surface that responds to a light touch of your finger. To ensure your selections are registered, touch the control panel with your fingertip, not your fingernail. When selecting a setting or option, simply touch its name until the desired section is illuminated.

When using the touch control, touch on the name to operate, not the lights. The lights show which cycles and options are active, but the touch area is on the names of the cycle or option.

Is the control locked?

If the control lock feature is activated the control lock light will be on. The controls will not respond to any touch commands. Hold the button labeled as a control lock for 3 seconds to unlock.

Is the Delay Wash set?

If Delay Wash is selected and the Delay Wash status light is on, your washer will start after the selected hours of delay are completed.

The washer pauses for about 2 minutes during certain cycles. Allow the cycle to continue. Some cycles feature periods of tumbling and soak.

Did the control skip a selection?

Once you select a cycle, the default modifiers for that cycle will be lit. Touch the cycle settings buttons to change the Soil Level, Spin Speed, and Temperature if desired.

NOTE:  Not all settings are available with all cycles. If a setting is skipped, it is not available for that cycle.

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