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Front Load Washer Dripping Water from the Door

Why is my Maytag Front-load Washer Dripping Water from the Door?

Is the door seal dirty?

The door seal is the rubber "gasket" inside the door. See below:

A dirty door seal can cause a leak. Remove and clean any dirt or deposits around the inner door seal with a damp cloth. The door glass seals against the rubber seal; dirt or deposits can prevent a proper seal and cause leaks.

Inner door seal of front load washer

Are there clothing or other items stuck in the door seal?

Gently pull back the seal to inspect all areas under the seal and to check for foreign objects. Remove any item that may have become lodged in the door seal.

It is also important to look for cracks, tears, or splits in the door seal, as this can cause the washer to leak.

CLICK HERE to see more information on cleaning the door seal.

Can you see visible tears in the door seal?

The door seal will require replacement if visibly torn or damaged.