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Unclogging a Front Load Washer Dispenser Drawer

Unclogging your Maytag Front Load Washer Dispenser Drawer

The dispenser may be clogged if your additives do not release into the wash

A clogged dispenser can block the flow of water through the dispenser. Remove the dispenser, by pressing the release lever and rinse leftover detergent or additives that could clog the flow of water through the dispenser.

Check that the additives (detergent, fabric softener, liquid chlorine bleach and oxi) are in the appropriately marked compartments.

Duet Dispenser Drawer.jpg

Detergent Dispensing:
  • Always measure the detergent before putting it in the appropriate compartment, following the detergent manufacturer's directions. 
  • Liquid or powdered color-safe bleach or oxi products  may be added to the main wash or detergent compartment, along with the same type of detergent, liquid or powdered. Always use only HE High Efficiency detergent.

CLICK HERE for more information on using HE detergent

Fabric Softener dispensing:
  • If Extra Rinse is selected, fabric softener will dispense in the last rinse.
  • Do not use more than the recommended amount.
Chlorine Bleach dispensing:
  • Chlorine Bleach dispenses during the first rinse in a front load washer. This allows the detergent enzymes to work. Chlorine bleach inhibits the enzymes from working.
  • Do not add powdered or color-safe bleach or Oxi products to the chlorine bleach compartment. Liquid or powdered color-safe bleach may be added to the Oxi dispenser if available or to the washer drum. 
  • Liquid color-safe bleach is thicker than chlorine bleach and will not dispense properly from the chlorine bleach dispenser.

CLICK HERE for more information on cleaning your dispenser drawer

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