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Grinding or Rubbing - Stacked Laundry Center


Possible Solutions

Grinding/Rubbing Noises:

This new style washer makes many different noises. Typically, a grinding or rubbing noise will only occur in the agitation/wash or spin portions of the cycle.

The drive system on these units is different than previous washers. You may hear the motor sound as the motor alternates directions. You may also hear some gear sounds. These sounds are part of the normal washer operation.

The noise this washer makes could become worse if the machine is unlevel. It is important to follow the steps in the installation instructions for leveling the washer. The legs are adjustable, and can easily be moved up or down.

If the washer is overloaded, it can also make a louder, grinding type noise. It is important that the clothes have enough room to move around freely to allow the wash basket room to move as well. Follow the directions in the Owner's Manual for proper loading and amount of clothes to wash.

Do you have a drain pan under your washer?

If  you have a drain pan placed under your washer, it's possible that the tub bottom may be rubbing against the drain pan. This happens more frequently when washing heavy or bulky items. You may need to extend the leveling legs out to the maximum height to prevent this from happening. Verify that washer is level. See Installation Instructions for more information about leveling your washer.

If this has been an issue, verify that the drain pan has not been damaged in any way.  

CLICK HERE to watch a video for normal grinding/rubbing noises during agitation.

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