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Causes of Knocking and Rattling Sounds in a Dryer

Knocking and Rattling Sounds in a Maytag Dryer:

Use the following tips to help prevent noises in your dryer:

  • Zippers, buckles, buttons and rivets on garments as well as loose coins, paper clips, pens, or similar items may be tumbling in the dryer. Always check and clear pockets prior to washing.
  • Items leaning against the dryer may also cause a knocking or rattling noises.
  • Remove objects from the top of the dryer that may be causing the sound.
  • Sometimes when the washer spins, it will cause the dryer cabinet to vibrate. Leave space between the washer and dryer to avoid this sound.
  • If the dryer is mounted on a dryer pedestal, items in the pedestal drawer may be rattling/vibrating causing the sound.