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Leveling a Stacked Laundry Center

How to Level your Maytag Stacked Laundry Center


IMPORTANT: Level washer/dryer properly to reduce excess noise and vibration.

Checking levelness of stacked laundry

With washer/dryer in its final location, place a level on top edges of washer/dryer. Use side seam as a guide to check levelness of sides. Check levelness of front using lid, as
shown. Rock washer/dryer back and forth to make sure all four feet make solid contact with floor. If washer/dryer is level, skip to step 3 (27" models) or step 4 (24" models).

Adjusting leveling feet of washer /dryer

If washer/dryer is not level, prop up front of washer/dryer about 4" (102 mm) with a wood block or similar object that will support weight of washer/dryer. On 27" models, use a 9/16" or 14 mm open-end or adjustable wrench to turn jam nuts clockwise on feet until they are about 1/2" (13 mm) from the washer/dryer cabinet. Then turn the leveling foot clockwise to lower the washer/dryer or counterclockwise to raise the washer/dryer. On 24" models, adjust the feet up or down as necessary. On all models, remove wood block and lower washer/dryer. Recheck levelness of washer/dryer and repeat as needed.

Tighten leveling feet of washer/dryer

When washer/dryer is level, use a 9/16" or 14 mm open-end or adjustable wrench to turn jam nuts counterclockwise on leveling feet tightly against washer/dryer cabinet.
HELPFUL TIP: You may want to prop washer/dryer with a wooden block.

For further questions or more information on installing your Stacked Laundry Center, see your Installation Instructions.

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