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Using Air Only or Air/Fluff on a Dryer

Using Air Only or Air/Fluff on a Maytag Dryer

Most dryers are equipped with an Air Only or Air Fluff cycle.

The Air Only cycle or Air/Fluff Only does not add heat to the dryer at any time during the cycle. Expect loads dried with the Air Only cycle or Air/Fluff Only temperature to take longer to dry. Air Only cycle or Air Only temperature can be found on the control knob or button with the other temperature selections.

Air-only cycles are best used for items where no heat is desired, such as items that will shrink easily. This can also be used with a dry rack, so is convenient for sweaters or shoes. Air-only cycles work better when using a Timed Dry cycle.

To set the controls, dryers that have knobs usually have a selection on the knob to set the Air Only cycle.

For dryers with electronic controls, below is an example of what some controls may look like:

Air Fluff cycle or Air Only Cycle button on a dryer's user interface


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