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Dryer Not Starting or No Operation

My Maytag Dryer is not starting or not operating

There may be several reasons why your dryer will not start or operate. Depending on your model, try the following suggestions:

Was the "Start" button firmly pressed?

The Start, Push to Start, or Hold to Start button should be pressed and held for two to five seconds to start the dryer. Just tapping the button may not allow enough time to engage the motor. 

Start/Pause button of dryer

Were the electronic touch controls (on some models) used correctly?

The control panel features a sensitive surface that responds to a light touch of your finger. To ensure your selections are registered, touch the control panel with your fingertip, not your fingernail. When selecting a setting or option, simply touch its name.

Much like a cell phone screen, the dryer's electronic touch control panel does not respond as well when moisture is present. If moisture is present on the control panel or your hands, the controls may not respond. Dry your hands and clear the control panel of moisture with a clean, dry cloth. 

Has a household fuse blown, or the circuit breaker tripped?

Electric dryers use two household fuses or circuit breakers. Ensure both fuses are intact and tight or that either circuit breaker has not tripped. You can test the breaker by turning the breaker off and then back on. Replace the fuse(s) or reset the circuit breaker(s). If the problem continues, call an electrician. Gas dryers only use one fuse or circuit breaker, but the same information applies.

Is the door firmly closed/latched?

Your dryer door may not be fully closed. It may look shut but may not be latched. Push on the door to engage the latch or latches. Some models have an upper and lower latch. Both latches must be secure for the dryer to run. Also, check that all clothing is inside the dryer. Clothing can get caught by the door or the latch, which may block the door from closing completely.

Was the correct cycle selected?

The Cycle Control knob must be set on an Automatic Dry or Timed Dry cycle (on some models).  The dryer will not start if set on the Wrinkle Reduction option (some models).

See your Owner's Manual for your specific model features.

Is the "Controls Locked" Status Light On (some models)?

The Control Lock is used to "lock out" the electronic control so that the dryer cannot be used or started (sometimes called a "child lock"). If the Controls Locked status light is on, press and hold the Cycle Signal button for three seconds. This will turn off the Controls Locked feature on most models. Check your Owner's Manual for the controls on your model.


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