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Remote Enable Button - Dryer

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5.  Remote Enable Button

Download the Whirlpool® app and follow the instructions to connect your dryer to your home Wi-Fi network. You may also visit In Canada, visit After having connected to Wi-Fi, press the REMOTE ENABLE button any time you want to use the app. Pressing this button locks out the LCD screen and you will be prompted with a message about the dryer waiting for input from the app. To exit this mode, press the REMOTE ENABLE button again.

If you intend to use Remote Start from your Smart Device, you have to press the REMOTE ENABLE button on this dryer before you will be able to remote start. 

If you open the door to your dryer while it is in REMOTE ENABLE mode, REMOTE ENABLE will disengage. You will have to press the REMOTE ENABLE button again after closing the door.

If you are having problems connecting your appliance, see the "Connected Appliance Information" symptom above.


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