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Modifiers Section - Dryer

4.  Modifiers

Janus Dryer Control above door.jpg

Use to select available modifiers for your dryer. Not all cycles and options are available on all models.

  • Temp - When using Timed Dry/Quick Cycle, you may select a dry temperature based on the type of load you are drying. Use the warmest setting that is safe for the garments in the load. Follow garment label instructions.  NOTE: Automatic Cycles will give you up to four temperatures to adjust, depending on the model and the “What to Dry” or “How to Dry” selections that have been made.
  • Dryness - You may adjust the Dryness on Automatic Cycles (except for the Sanitize cycle), if desired. NOTE: Dryness is for use with Automatic Cycles only.
  • More Time/Less Time Timed Dry Adjust - Touch MORE TIME or LESS TIME with the Timed Dry/ Quick cycle to increase or decrease the length of the cycle.


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