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How to change the factory dryness level on your dryer

Have you tried changing your factory dryness level? some models can be changed:

You can make adjustments to your Automatic Cycles by adjusting the Factory Dryness Level:

Changing the Automatic Cycle settings to increase or decrease drying time:

If all your loads on all Automatic Cycles are consistently less dry or more dry than you would like, you may change the default settings to increase or decrease the default dryness

Your automatic drying settings can be adjusted to adapt to different installations, environmental conditions, or personal preference. This change is retained and will affect all of your
Automatic Cycles, not just the current cycle/load. There are 5 drying settings, which are displayed using the time display:

0   Much wetter clothes, 30% less drying time.
1   Slightly wetter clothes, 15% less drying time.
2   Factory preset dryness level.
3   Slightly drier clothes, 15% more drying time.
4   Much drier clothes, 30% more drying time.

To change the drying settings:

NOTE: The settings cannot be changed while the dryer is running or paused. The dryer must be in standby mode (power is off) to adjust the default settings.

  1. Before starting a cycle, touch and hold DRYNESS for 6 seconds.
  2. Touch DRYNESS to select the dryness level shown in the time display: 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4.
  3. Touch START/PAUSE to save the new dryness level setting.
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