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Lid Lock is Not On - Commercial Grade Washer

Possible Solutions

Are you pressing and holding the Start button?

You may need to press and hold the start button for up to 3 seconds to engage the cycle.

Is the lid completely latched?

The lid must be completely closed and latched for the washer to operate.  

CLICK HERE for more information regarding the lid locking

Did you receive an "LF"  or "F8E1" Error Code, or is the Spin or Wash light blinking?

If F8 E1 or LF (too long to fill) appears in the display, the washer is taking too long to fill or the washer is filling and draining.

It's possible the drain hose extends more than 4.5" (114 mm) into the standpipe. Check the plumbing for the correct drain hose installation. Use drain hose form and attach securely to drainpipe or tub. Do not tape over the drain opening. Any of these drain hose issues can cause the washer to siphon (fills and drains at the same time) and the washer never fills to the expected level. 

Either the F8E1 or the LF error codes may indicate there is some problem with the water supply going to the washer. Please make sure both inlet hoses are connected and both hot and cold water supplies are turned on. This washer has sensors that detect the water supply and requires both hoses to have water going to the water valve. If it does not detect both water supply hoses are turned on, the control detects a problem with the water pressure sensor. The lid will lock, and the machine will enter a pump out mode for 8 minutes. 

CLICK HERE  to review a video for more information about the LF or F8 E1 Error code.

CLICK HERE for more information on proper installation of the drain hose

Is your Washer filling properly?

CLICK HERE for more information on the inlet hoses

Are you using anti-flood devices and controls?   

Whirlpool recommends that appliances be directly connected to the water supply for optimum machine performance.

CLICK HERE for more information on using flood safe devices

The F8E1 Error code also may indicate there is some problem with the water supply going to the washer. Please make sure that both inlet hoses are connected and both hot and cold water supplies are turned on.

Is the Control Set Correctly?

Make sure the selector knob is lined up with a cycle selection and the start button has been pushed.  The washer will not start if the selector is not placed on a cycle selection. Set selector to the desired cycle, like Normal, and push the start button.


 Cycle selection knob of top load washer

Is the Lid Open?

Your previous washer may have filled and washed with the lid open. Newer washers may not fill or wash with the lid open. Some will fill, but will not advance if the lid is open, and will drain if the lid is left open. For best results, close the lid for the washer to fill with water, wash, drain, rinse and spin the load. 

CLICK HERE for more information on the lid locking

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