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Using the Correct Type and Amount of Detergent

What type of detergent should I use for my Maytag dishwasher

Use automatic dishwasher detergent only. Add detergent just before starting a cycle. Fresh automatic dishwasher detergent results in better cleaning. Store tightly closed detergent container in a cool, dry place.

We recommend using detergent tablets and packs for convenience and improved performance. Quality tablets and packs have been proven to work better than powder, liquid or gel detergents at reducing filming on dishes.

Always place detergents in the main compartment of the dispenser and slide the lid closed.

To Use the Detergent Dispenser:

  1. Place detergent in the dispenser.
  2. Place finger on the lid as shown and slide the lid closed.
  3. Press firmly until it clicks.

To open the lid, push OPEN as shown and the lid will slide open.



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