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Convection Fan is Running During Non Convection Cycles

Why is my Convection Fan is Running During Non Convection Cycles

It is normal for the the convection fan in your Maytag oven or range to run during non convection cycles.  Any gas/electric freestanding range or wall oven with convection may run during preheat or when using non-convection functions. This is to help optimize preheat times, provide uniform oven temperature and provide better baking and cooking performance.

Convection fan of a commercial range is off        Convection fan of a commercial range On

Convection fan off                                 Convection fan on

When does the convection fan run? 

Normal operation for the convection fan includes: 

  • Operating during preheat for both non-convection and convection functions.
  • Will turn off when the oven door is opened.
  • During preheat or when convection cycle is selected, the convection fan will come on:
    • Immediately for all electric convection models.
    • After approximately five(5) minutes for all gas convection models.

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