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How the FIT System Works for Wall Ovens

How to Install a Maytag Wall Oven Using Flexible Install (FIT) System

The Flexible Install (FIT) system can be complex, and varies based on single and double ovens.  Check the product's Installation Instructions for further details.

For a video explaining the FIT system, watch below:

FIT Cutout Dimensions

  • FIT system components are required (short cutout heights).
  • FIT system component orientation (medium and tall cutout heights).

Cutout Heights (inches)

   Single Ovens      Double Ovens

 Minimum Cutout Height

 Maximum Cutout Height

 Minimum Cutout Height   Maximum Cutout Height
 Short 26 15/16 27 11/16  48 7/8  50 7/16
 Medium  27 5/8  28 5/8  50 1/2  51 1/8
 Tall  28 11/16  29 7/16  51 3/16  52 3/16



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