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How to determine if a convection conversion temperature adjustment has been made

When using convection, the temperature and time displayed on the oven is different than what was entered.

The oven does not preheat to the selected temperature.

Example:  When using the convection feature on the range or wall oven, the oven temperature is set to 350°.  After preheating, the temperature displayed on the range or wall oven is 325°.

The reason:

If the convection conversion feature (on select models only) is being used, this is normal.  

The convection conversion feature is a function that converts a standard thermal bake cook time and temperature into an ideal cook time and temperature for convection cooking.

Convection temperatures and times differ from those of standard cooking. 

When using convection, the fan circulated hot air distributes heat more evenly than the natural movement of air in a standard oven.  This movement of hot air helps maintain a consistent temperature throughout the oven, cooking foods more evenly, crisping surfaces while sealing in moisture and yielding crustier breads. 

Because of the efficiency of a convection oven, most foods can be cooked at a lower temperature or for a shorter time. 

Some ovens will automatically reduce standard recipe temperatures and times for cooking when the convection feature is used. 

Refer to the Use and Care Guide to see if your model has a convection conversion feature and how to use the feature.

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