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Oven Too Hot - Already Calibrated - Gas Double Oven Range

Possible Solutions

Did you set the control for BAKE and desired temperature?

Refer to the Owner's Manual for detailed control operation instructions.

What type of Bakeware are you using?

The bakeware material effects cooking results. Follow manufacturer's recommendations and use the bakeware size recommended in the recipe. 

CLICK HERE for video on different bakeware.

What rack position did you use? 

Most baked goods will perform best if a single rack is used and positioned according to the type of baked good.

CLICK HERE for more information on rack use and placement.

How many pans were on the rack? How large of pan were you using?

Hot air must be able to circulate to cook food evenly. Allow 2" of space/clearance around baking pan(s) and the oven walls.  

Was an entire oven rack or the oven bottom lined with aluminum foil?

Do not cover an entire oven rack or the oven bottom with aluminum foil below the baking pan. This can block good air flow.

CLICK HERE for a video on the effects of airflow.


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