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Retractable Downdraft Vent Hood not Removing Smoke or Odor

Maytag Retractable Downdraft Vent Hood not Removing Smoke or Odor 

The retractable downdraft vent system is designed to remove smoke, cooking vapors and odors from the cooktop area. For best results, the vent should be operating before cooking is started. 

Are the utensils placed correctly?

Large utensils should be placed on the rear elements or burners for effective ventilation of smoke or odor.

CLICK HERE for more information on utensil placement.

Is the control set correctly?

Refer to the Owner's Manual for specific operating instructions.

Downdraft Vent Controls.jpg

Are the grease filters clean and installed correctly?  

For optimal performance, operate the ventilation system with the filter properly installed.  To avoid the buildup of grease, the filter should be cleaned often. For more information on cleaning the grease filter refer to the Owner's Manual. Refer to the Owner's Manual for replacement filter information.

Is there an air movement restriction in the room?

Any other air movement devices such as ceiling fans, air conditioner registers, etc., can create air currents which interfere with ventilation.

Make-up Air:

Local building codes may require the use of makeup air systems when using ventilation systems greater than specified CFM of air movement. The specified CFM varies from locale to locale. 

The air that is exhausted by the unit must be replaced. If a room or house is too "tight", the unit may not vent properly and it will be necessary to introduce more air into the environment.

Adjacent Cabinets:

Cabinet opening dimensions that are shown in the Installation Instructions must be used.  Given dimensions provide minimum clearance. Cabinets that are closer than the minimum distance allowed can create dead air pockets that impair performance.  Refer to the Installation Instructions for complete details.

Was the vent system installed correctly?

There are specific venting requirements. Refer to the Installation Instructions for complete details.

If you would like to download or view product literature for your appliance, please visit our Manuals and Literature page.


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