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Changing the Power Level on a Coutertop Microwave

Changing the Power Level on your Maytag Microwave

If you need or want to change the power level on your Maytag microwave please follow the steps below. 

To Change the Power Level:

  1. Place food on the turntable and close the door.
  2. Touch COOK TIME. “00:00” will appear on the display. Enter the length of time to cook. 
  3. Touch POWER LEVEL. The default power level PL10 will appear on the display. Enter the desired power level.
  4. Touch START. When the cycle ends, “End” will appear in the display, and the end-of-cycle tones will sound.
  5. Touch CANCEL or open the door to clear the display.

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Power Level Recommendations

Microwave - Power Level.png 


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