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LOC or "L" or Padlock Icon - Error Code - Countertop Microwave

Possible Solutions

The Control Lock feature is ENABLED

Depending on model:

  • Press & Hold the Cancel key for 3 seconds.
  • Press & Hold Start key for 5 seconds.

Refer to the Owner's Manual for specific information on your model.

Is the door icon illuminated?

A new 2-step door-opening feature has been added to some microwaves to help avoid unintended access. When children do not have access to the appliance, there is a disable function if the 2-step functionality is unnecessary. Once you set the cooking time and press the Start button, the Door Lock icon will appear on the display.

To open the microwave, Press the Stop button and then press the door release button. For additional information on this feature, please refer to the Owner's Manual. 


NOTE: Disabling this feature should only be done when the owner is certain children are not present.

  1. After pressing the Stop/Unlock button for 3 seconds, “EA:_0” will show on the display.
  2. After pressing the “+” button, “EA:_1” will show on the display,
  3. Press the Start button to confirm. 
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