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How to Insert the Coil Element

Is the coil element inserted properly in my Maytag Cooktop?

NOTE: Before removing or replacing coil elements and burner bowls, make sure they are cool and the control knobs are in the Off position.

To Remove:

  1. Push in the edge of coil element toward the receptacle. Then lift it enough to clear the burner bowl.

pushing a coil element out of a burner bowl

  1. Pull the coil element straight away from the receptacle.

Pulling coil element from burner bowl

  1. Lift out the burner bowl.

To Replace:

  1. Line up openings in the burner bowl with the coil element receptacle.

Aligning burner bowl with coil receptacle

  1. Holding the coil element as level as possible, slowly push the coil element terminal into the receptacle.
  2. When the terminal is pushed into the receptacle as far as it will go, push down the edge of the coil element opposite the receptacle.

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