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Not Starting or Not Operating

Possible Solutions

If your controls are on the washer lid:

Is there moisture on the controls?

Please note that if your washer model has controls on the top of the lid, there can be no moisture on the lid for the washer to start. The lid and your hands will need to be completely dry to operate properly. Even slight dampness can cause no operation of the controls. Allow the controls to air dry completely, or take a dry soft cloth and dry completely before trying to operate the washer.

Is the Control Lock feature activated?

The Control Lock feature allows you to disable all controls except the power button to avoid unauthorized use or changes to running cycles. To turn this feature on or off, press the QUICK button and hold it for three seconds. Once activated, the Control Lock feature will stay on even after the cycle is complete. While the unit is running, the
Power button is the only button that will function. When the unit is not running, the Control Lock must be turned off.

CLICK HERE to watch a video on using the Control Lock feature.


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