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Doors not Closing Properly

Was your refrigerator recently installed?

If your refrigerator was recently installed, make sure all packaging has been removed. Some packaging used to avoid damage during shipping could keep the door from closing.

Were the doors removed during product installation and not properly replaced?
Remove and replace the doors according to your refrigerator Use and Care Guide.

Is the door blocked by food packages?
Move food packages away from the door.

Is a bin or shelf in the way?
Push the bin or shelf back into the correct position.

Is the ice bin out of position?
Push in the ice bin all the way.

Are the gaskets dirty or sticky?
Clean gaskets and contact surfaces with mild soap and warm water. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.
Is the vertical-hinged seal folded inward?
On French door models, there is a vertically-hinged seal on the left refrigerator door. If it is folded outward when the door is open, make sure to fold it inward by hand before the door is closed. There are two refrigerator compartment doors. The doors can be opened and closed either separately or together. There is a vertically-hinged seal on the left refrigerator door. When the left-side door is opened, the hinged seal automatically folds inward so that it is out of the way. When both doors are closed, the hinged seal automatically forms a seal between the two doors.
Is the refrigerator level?
If refrigerator doors don't close on their own, it may be because the refrigerator is tilted forward. Adjusting the front of the refrigerator slightly higher than the back will allow the doors to close more easily and with little force. Adjusting the refrigerator's tilt is done by adjusting the leveling screws. For additional information on leveling your refrigerator see the Installation Instructions or Use and Care Guide.
NOTE: Your refrigerator doors may not level properly if the floor beneath the refrigerator is not level. Make sure the floor where the refrigerator is to be placed is level.