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Dryer Drum will not turn but unit has heat - Combination Washer/Dryer Units

Product Qualification

Brands Affected



Product(s) Affected

All Combination Washer/Dryer (Thin Twin) units could be affected

Serial Numbers Affected

All serial numbers may be affected

Customer Concern/Product Symptom

(Customer may have one or more of the following symptoms) 

  • Dryer has heat, but drum will not turn

Have the consumer verify that they do indeed have heat. If possible, have consumer go to dryer, set to high heat, and run dryer for 1 minute. Open door, and verify that there is heat, and observe the drum is not rotating. If there is no heat, do not use this article to PRE-ID parts.


Resolution / Service Information
Recommended Days to Schedule 2 Days
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US Resolution / Service Information

PRE ID: Drive belt based on model number 

Canada Resolution / Service Information



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